Tia is a language educator and researcher and is currently concluding her Ph.D. in Reading and Literacy from The Ohio State University, USA. She previous holds a BA (S.Pd) in English Education from Universitas Negeri Gorontalo, MA in Multicultural Education. Over the past eight years, her collegiate research has focused on two areas: 1) language, literacy, and culture and 2) teacher professional development. Her first research area involves exploring the teaching and learning of language and literacy in sociocultural contexts and promoting digital learning media of language and the relationship of language, literacy, and culture. This area is interdisciplinary and embraces the intersection of language, literacy, and culture as transformative spaces for learning, negotiating meaning, and engaging in social action.


Tia’s goal of research in language education is to enable teachers, teacher educators, and institutions to make sound decisions about the educational activities and experiences that will best serve students. Her career research plans aim to generate knowledge about language and literacy teaching development and practices that foster equitable education and opportunities for learners of diverse backgrounds, further study how professional development can be more effective, enhance teacher knowledge and practice, and more importantly, improve students’ outcomes, and develop knowledge and skills to become local, national, and global literacy change agents, scholars, language and literacy education leaders, and university teacher education faculty.


Language and Literacy, Language Education, Teaching Practices, Equitable Pedagogy, Teacher Professional Development, Student Learning and Outcomes, Education Leadership

Tryanti Abdulrahman