Public Assembly on Sustainability Mindset

Youth Center for Research in collaboration with Habib Debate Union at Habib University, Karachi, Pakistan called a public assembly on 23rd January 2020 to promote free speech and open discourse around Sustainability Mindset. The assembly was a motely gathering of practitioners, young students and academics to discuss this aspect that would define the future of human race.

The world is deliberating and striving to attain a common global agenda of SDG 2030. Spanning across environmental protection, social equity and economic prosperity, sustainability has raised important questions for the world leaders. Considering the enormity of the challenges at hand, their resolution requires collective efforts. This leaves a lot on the individuals to play their roles in their respective capacities. The session explored if sustainability mindset can make individuals more inclined towards contributing their part in this global effort.

YCR’s young researchers, Arooma Naqvi and Jawad Mustafa opened the floor with their research on sustainability education, for a broader discussion on sustainability mindset.

Mr, Yasir Husain, an Environmentalist, Syed Akbar Ali, Social Entrepreneur and a Founder of Fruges Pvt. Ltd., Hira Wajahat, Pakistan National Lead for ClimateLaunchpad and Ahmed Shabbar, Founder and CEO of GarbageCAN joined as practitioners.