International Conference for Collaborative Sustainable Development 2021

YCR is proud to announce ICCSD2021

What is ICCSD2021?

International Conference for Collaborative Sustainable Development 2021 is a platform for intellectual and rhetorical indulgence for stakeholders to gather around and innovate towards developmental solutions which sustainably eradicate or diminish the dire problems facing our society.

The future of humanity and indeed all of life depends on us

~ Sir David Attenborough

We have on our shoulders an immense responsibility to safeguard the future of our coming generations. Previously what corporations, policy makers, practitioners and governments regarded as development and progress have triggered irreversible global climatic changes like those which do not exist in recorded history. This is threatening the very habitability of our planet. Likewise, social, economic and political gaps between genders, socio-economic groups, economies and countries have widened at astonishing rates resulting in poverty, hunger, sickness, crisis, inequality and lack of education. It is not through bold actions, policies, strategies or plans that such consequences can be reverted or delayed. It is through changing the way we think and approach developmental challenges that we can truly begin to strive towards a more habitable planet and just, equitable and inclusive society. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to gather stakeholders which include government agencies, NGOs, policy makers, corporations, universities, academics, students and practitioners under one roof and create a focused environment that allows them to exchange and create ideas, knowledge and solutions and build symbiotic relationships which will potentially generate opportunities for sustainable socio-economic growth and development targeting the dire problems facing our societies today..

Our Goals

We believe that through creation of such an environment, the stakeholders will be able to broaden their intellectual horizons to comprehend the significance of focusing on global good than on immediate returns. Our success will be in causing a paradigm shift towards a sustainable growth mindset.

Join Our Cause

Adherence to UN SDGs

Almost all the countries around the world have signed up for UN SDGs and aim to achieve them by 2030. Countries have signed up to promote responsible citizenship and corporations have adopted practices that cause reduced or no harm to society and environment. The paradigm shift towards sustainable development is exhibited clearly by adoption of such practices by these countries and corporations. By supporting us and participating in the conference, you will be able to show that you or your organization supports and adheres to the practices of sustainable development.


You or your organization may Join Us as a stakeholder or as a Researcher participant. Stakeholders will meet and indulge with other stakeholders and will be in the audience while Researchers will present their research work concerning sustainable development.

Knowledge Creation

This conference will yield knowledge in terms of publications, presentation, policy papers, and discussions. The conference will give researchers and the general audience an idea regarding what is happening in the field of Socio-economics and Politics. It will also help in building sectoral collaboration essential for collective effort for sustainable development. Academics and practitioners will get to interact for exchange and discussion of ideas - possibility of research adoption. Furthermore, this conference will create potential interventions and dialogues to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the developing countries. As well as, participants will get a great opportunity to get feedback on their work from the experts of this field and network with other participants from the field.

Structure of the Conference

The conference will be a 3 day event in which some sessions will be conducted online through Zoom Platform to a virtual audience and others will be held on ground. Discussions will be structured around 6 major themes formulated around Pakistan’s major developmental challenges in light of UN charter’s sustainable development goals. These themes are namely: 4 Rural development, Education and Innovation, Youth and Political Engagement, Corruption and Political Integrity, Gender Equality and Social Inclusion, and Pandemic and Health Crisis.