Ms. Sadaf Shabbir is a Researcher and a Writer. She holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations from University of Karachi, Pakistan. 

Sadaf is currently working as a Senior Content Developer at Habib University and has been leading and organizing intellectual projects on the most pressing contemporary local and international issues. 



Sadaf has been affiliated with Youth Center for Research (YCR) since 2021, in the capacity of a Young Researcher, and later in 2022 as the Resident Research Fellow. 

Sadaf is a United People Global Sustainability Leader, 2022 Cohort. She worked as one of the top 500 young global leaders for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals where she also designed a project based on introducing inclusive educational mechanisms to climate change vulnerable regions to mitigate gender-based violence. 

Sadaf, through her research navigates the intersection of crucial areas such as Gender and International Relations, with a particular focus on International Law. Her analysis also extends to the nuanced exploration of Religious Extremism with a particular focus on Forced Conversions within the context of South Asia.


Resident Research Fellow – Pakistan