YCR Summer Research Programme Overview

YCR Summer Research Programme was a great opportunity to learn and grow on a personal level. Not only it provided a chance to develop and diversify skill sets by engaging in a thought-provoking research experience but also lent an opportunity to virtually explore the world and build networks beyond the national borders. It was a 6-week programme that aimed at breaking the traditional disciplinary boundaries and delved into the emerging interdisciplinary research journey. We encouraged our participants to develop critical research questions that aimed to fundamentally transform societies for a better and inclusive future.
The programme was planned in a way that helped participants to develop their research questions related to the themes they chose to work on. Our esteemed research advisors, thereafter, supported them in developing their research and getting it published on credible platforms.
We believe that it is essential for students pursuing their degrees in research to have interdisciplinary knowledge and experience to be well prepared for the emerging globalized world. Interdisciplinary research allows students to go beyond traditional lines and enable them to develop different viewpoints and contrasting ideas for solving global problems. Furthermore, it is also crucial for effective policymaking that aims at addressing national and global issues. Therefore, at YCR Summer Research Programme we encouraged our participants to engage in diverse policy discourses and assisted them in devising efficient policies through our interdisciplinary approach.

Because our participants belonged to diverse backgrounds, we encouraged them to engage socially and academically. Given their respective strengths and weaknesses, our participants supported each other in different ways, which helped us in building a community-style environment that nurtured diversity and equality.

YCR Summer Research Programme consisted of 6 weeks of research related course work. The first few weeks consisted of introductory sessions in which we equiped our participants with the necessary knowledge about how to conduct research and what methodologies and techniques could be employed for conducting different forms of research. In 2019 we had planned to reorient our strategy in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. We conducted sessions about how participants could adjust to the current unprecedented situation, to carry on their research endeavors, unhindered by the present global settings.
Before the sessions commenced, our teams provided necessary course material that covered the basics of research methodologies, including data analysis, qualitative research techniques, and literature reviews. We built upon those basics later during the 6-weeks sessions to ensure that our participants could conduct their research.

Our advisors were professionals from diverse countries and backgrounds and had hands-on experience in the field of social research. They mentored our participants about essentialities of conducting quality research while drawing from their relevant past experiences. This close engagement with these professionals helped young researchers approach broad development problems and learn methodologies and other techniques to understand socio-economic and political issues. Furthermore, the advisors also guided them about the prospects of their work in different social sciences fields.

Research Themes for Summer 2020


“As an MBA student, I had limited avenues for academic research.  I applied to YCR with the hope that I could gain some research experience that would help prepare me for my aspirations to pursue research professionally. At YCR we conducted a cross sectional study of the health sector. It was a valuable learning experience as the project enabled me to interact with diverse socioeconomic strata, learn from professionals in the health sector as well as gain first-hand knowledge on methods of conducting quantitative research.  Our research findings resulted in a research paper that is under review for publication in an international journal. Furthermore, my experience at YCR played a vital role in achieving my dream.” (Saima Kazmi – SRP 2019 Alumna)


We have ideas but they are all scattered in our psyche. This creates confusion and ambiguity as to what is needed to be done. Without articulation, we can’t effectively communicate our ideas to others. YCR is a place with exceptional mentors who guide your thinking and give it a specific direction.” (Muhammad Umer Shaikh – SRP 2019 Alumnus)