Dr. Ann Allen

Annual Research Program 2023 Chair

Associate Professor, Department of Educational Studies – The Ohio State University


Onur Özkaynak

Research Interests: Language teacher education, language ideologies, educational sociolinguistics, Global Englishes, and multilingual language education. As a speaker of Turkish, he is also interested in the maintenance of Turkish as a heritage language.

Angga Hidayat

Research Interests: Humanizing Research, Digital Storytelling, Self-concept, Math Anxiety, STEM education, Self-efficacy, Technology in Mathematics

Tryanti Abdulrahman

Research Interests:Language and Literacy, Language Education, Teaching Practices, Equitable Pedagogy, Teacher Professional Development, Student Learning and Outcomes, Education Leadership

Dr Muhammad Fazal Hussain Qureshi 

Research Interests: Public Health, Mental Health, Psychology, Psychiatry, Healthcare Policy, vulnerable population, healthcare systems and management.

Qazi M Zulqurnain Ul Haq

Research Interests: Youth mobilizing, human capital development, social networks, skilled-worker migrations, social mobility, youth unemployment and equity, education policy analysis.